Problems with sight are one of the top ten factors affecting the health of Zambians. Effective eye care services for Zambia's 16 million population are limited.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO ) estimates, there are more than 150,000 blind people in the country. The Ministry of Health recognises that over 80% of these cases could be avoided if only adequate preventive and curative measures were in place.

Our work in focus

To help address the situation, Vision Aid Overseas has sent over 400 volunteer optical professionals to Zambia since 1999 to help with the training of local eye care professionals and to increase the reach of the services provided by Vision Centres. Vision Aid Overseas has a major fundraising partnership with Specsaverswhich supports our programme in Zambia.

Making it happen

Vision Aid Overseas is an important member of Zambia's National Prevention of Blindness Committee, and we play a key part in developing optometry services in the country. Together with our partners and the generous support of Specsavers, Vision Aid Overseas:


  • Has developed a diploma course in Optometry at Chainama College of Health Sciences in Lusaka, working with the Zambian Ministry of Health and Sightsavers;
  • Established and continues to support eleven vision centres across Zambia
  • Supports community eye care services, enhancing the skills of ophthalmic nurses and ophthalmic clinical officers.
  • Provides CPD to Optometry Technologist graduates from Chainama College to reinforce their clinical skills as they move from college to work
  • Provides support to ophthalmic nurses and ophthalmic clinical officers to enhance their refraction skills.
  • Is developing centre of excellence at Chainama College of Health Sciences to support and inspire all the Zambian Vision Centres.
  • Continues to promote the benefits of good eye health and advocate for improved services on a national scale. Give children like Steven the sight to succeed

Adams Mambwe, seeing the blackboard

Now I can see to learn

See how a simple eye test and a pair of glasses can change a life of a primary school student in Africa. Find out more