An eye test when needed and with the right prescription, is something many people in the countries where Vision Aid Overseas is working have only dreamed of until now. 

Vision Aid Overseas is committed to establishing locally based eye care services in every country in which we operate. A major contribution is the development of Vision Centres where patients can receive a free walk-in eye examination, purchase an affordable pair of glasses and be referred for further specialist care if necessary. To operate effectively, Vision Centres must have trained personnel, facilities for eye tests and an optical laboratory where glasses can be fitted with prescription lenses. 


Vision Aid Overseas has a duty to ensure that Vision Centres operate at a high standard. We provide equipment and frames and lenses which can be ground to the required prescription. We also send volunteers to service the equipment and ensure on-going training for local personnel. Ultimately, Vision Centres should become entirely self-sufficient and provide long lasting access to eye care for their local communities.
We support Vision Centres in: Burkina FasoEthiopiaGhanaSierra LeoneZambia .