Sibu Sire is one of the ‘wordeas’, or districts in East Wollega zone, Oromia region, Western Ethiopia. Sibu Sire is 270 km west of Addis Ababa, the country's capital city.

Sibu Sire is about 47 km east of Nekemte, a market town and the capital of the region. Nekemte is also home to the museum of Wollega Oromo culture.

Most of the people living in Sibu Sire are small holder farmers. The majority of schools are served by an asphalt road.

We want to support two schools in Siby Sire. One is already supported by Essilor Ltd.

Can you help make sure children in Sibu Sire get the education and life chances they deserve through the gift of improved vision?

Yes, I am ready to Support a School in Sibu Sire

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