Name:  Patricia

Country: Sierra Leone

Occupation: Optometric Technician


With a population of 7 million and only 1 Optometrist in the whole country. Sierra Leone like many African countries suffers from a shortage of trained medical personnel, especially in the eye care sector.


To address this overwhelming need, the Sierra Leone government along with non government organisations such as Vision Aid Overseas established an Optometric Technician qualification to increase the shortage of skilled eye care workers in the country.


Vision Aid Overseas has so far sponsored 11 students to carry out a one year intense training course at the Sheikh Zayed Regional Eye Care Centre in the Gambia. Patricia Tarawally was one of the first students to qualify. After Graduating, Patricia returned to Sierra Leone and completed a one year internship at Connaught Hospital, Freetown, where she learnt practical skills to supplement the theory. Read more below and see how Patricia is helping to screen the future of Sierra Leone!

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