A 17- year old student receives his first pair of glasses

Name: Pascar

Country: Zambia

Occupation: Student

Meet Pascar, a 17-year-old student living in Zambia. Pascar lives with his older brother as both his parents have passed away and he loves singing in the Church choir. However, due to his severe short-sightedness, he was finding it hard to see properly in the classroom and in the Church.
Pascar’s condition can be corrected with a simple eye test and a pair of glasses; however, due to the lack of access to affordable eye care in country, he had been dealing with this issue for over a year.

Thankfully, Pascar heard about our Vision Centre and visited with his brother. Here, he received a full eye test and was prescribed a much-needed pair of glasses. He can now see properly in class and read the lyrics for the Church choir. 

Without access to affordable eye care services, students, like Pascar, cannot access the glasses they desperately need to continue their education. You can help make all the difference today by making a donation.