A 17- year old student receives his first pair of glasses.

Our volunteer, Graham Coates, met Pascar when he was choosing his frames. Graham and Pascar got talking and Pascar explained that he lived with his older brother as both his parents had died. He, unfortunately, was suffering from a poor myopic condition. Myopia is commonly known as short-sightedness. It can be rectified simply with an eye test and a pair of glasses. 

Due to this condition Pascar whad been having difficulty seeing and reading the blackboard in his classroom. This issue had been going on for over a year.

After having an eye test Pascar was prescribed a pair of glasses. He can now read the blackboard in class. Pascar was so thrilled. he is also part of his school choir and can read the song lyrics again. He wasn't shy and even sang a song for Graham. 

Without clear vision children can’t learn to get an education and adults can’t earn to care for their families and contribute to their communities. However, you can make all the difference today by making a donation.