For people in very remote areas outreach can be their only hope of improving poor sight through their first ever eye test and pair of prescription glasses.

Since the foundation of Vision Aid Overseas, community outreach services supported by professionally qualified optical volunteers have been essential in making eye care accessible. 

Community outreach

Today, Vision Aid Overseas continues to support community outreach programmes that complement its Vision Centres and reinforce existing eye care services. By helping to provide eye examinations in local communities, Vision Aid Overseas volunteers can ensure that even more people benefit from treatment by providing practical training opportunities for local eye care personnel.

Working with local hospitals

Vision Aid Overseas works with local hospitals in all our community outreach services to benefit from the clinical leadership of in-country eye care specialists, fitting in with the national eye care plan of each country we work in. Huge numbers of people attend and leave with their sight transformed. Our eye tests also identify patients with more complex eye problems that they can be referred to hospitals or doctors for further treatment. 

Vision Aid Overseas believes that supporting locally based services with the involvement of professional volunteers is essential if the greatest numbers of patients are to be helped.