Find out why you should be celebrating World Sight Day with us this October.

Did you know 1.2 billion people worldwide can’t see properly simply because they need glasses?

We believe everyone has a right to sight. Do you?


October 10th 2019 is World Sight Day and we want to make a difference to those 1.2 billion people.

Join us this October to celebrate, raise awareness and fundraise to make sure there is eye care everywhere.

About World Sight Day

Coordinated by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, World Sight Day is the only international day of awareness and fundraising to focus global attention on the looming crisis of avoidable blindness and visual impairment.

How to get involved 

Anyone can get involved and it doesn’t just have to be on October 10th, we want the whole of October to be about the need for eye care everywhere.

1. Donate

Just £5 can provide an eye exam and life changing glasses to a person in need. So why not donate today?

If you run an optical practice or your own business why not ask customers to donate £5 on World Sight Day? You could even encourage them by offering to match their donation.

If you already have one of our collecting tins you can use that for cash donations or set up your till to process donations by card.

Pay in your donations online or by BACS. For more information email [email protected]


2. Hold a ‘Spectacles of the Silver Screen’ film night

Hold a film night with family, friends or colleagues, and charge the price of a cinema ticket, as a donation for Vision Aid Overseas.

Choose a film that features an iconic pair of spectacles; it might be the sellotaped together glasses of Harry Potter, the black RayBan Wayfarers in The Blues Brothers, or the identity hiding specs of Christopher Reeve in Superman.

If you need some more ideas check out this film list.


3. Raise awareness by celebrating and sharing what glasses mean to you

There are 1.2 billion people worldwide who can’t see properly simply because they need glasses.

What would your life be like if you were one of them?

What do your glasses mean to you?

If you believe everyone has a right to sight let us know.

Use the hashtag #VisionFirst to share your photos, thoughts and feelings about glasses, and about any activities you get involved in for World Sight Day.


Promotional resources

If you are a business or group that wants to take part this October please use these promotional materials on this page. The pack includes posters, social media content and videos.

If you have any problems downloading the pack please email [email protected]


Meet Patrick, a tailor living in Sierra Leone. Patrick had been struggling to work for many years simply because of his deteriorating vision. His blurred vision made it difficult for him to do his job properly, as simple tasks such as seeing the tape measure or threading a needle became a constant struggle.

Patrick did buy a pair of cheap glasses from a market many years ago but these quickly broke and he was unable to find a new, affordable pair. 

Thankfully, Patrick heard on the radio that a one of our eye care teams were visiting the local health clinic and realised that this might be his only chance at regaining his sight.

Patrick received a full eye test and was prescribed with a brand-new pair of affordable glasses. He can now see his sewing machine properly for the first time in years and can continue to work without difficulty.

“I thought I would have to give up being a Tailor, as it had become impossible to thread a needle and to retain the accuracy in my work. I cannot believe the difference a pair of glasses make. I can see everything as though I had young eyes again!”


Donations raised through the World Sight Day will enable us to continue to train more eye care workers in Sierra Leone, Zambia, Ethiopia and Ghana, to make sure people like Patrick can continue to work to support their families and communities.