The Our Children's Vision Campaign reaches over 27 million children with eye tests in just two years.

In April 2016, Our Children's Vision was launched with the ambitious goal of reaching 50 million children with eye care services by the year 2020.In 2018, through the hard work of 79 partners of the global campaign, the half-way milestone for this ambitious campaign was met and passed ahead of schedule.


Amanda Davis, Chief Executive Officer, Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation told us;

Brien Holden Vision Institute, and our late founder Professor Holden, had been calling out for years for vision health screening in children. By starting Our Children’s Vision, we saw a chance to not just help today's children, but to reduce global levels of uncorrected vision impairment in future generations – but we knew that we couldn’t do it alone.

The campaign has so far reached 27 million children worldwide from Latin America to Southern Africa with eye tests and has dispensed over 1.7 million pairs of glasses. That's over 1.7 million children whose worlds have suddenly grown brighter and larger with clear vision.


One of the many children who has benefitted from the campaign is Adams, a primary school student living in Zambia. Despite his potential, Adams was struggling at school simply because he could not see the blackboard well enough to learn.

Luckily for Adams, Vision Aid Overseas had established a Vision Centre at the hospital in Livingstone where he lives, that provides children with free eye tests and glasses to correct their vision. At the Vision Centre, Adams received a full eye test and was prescribed with a smart new pair of glasses that restored his sight.

Now I can see to learn.- Said Adams

Adams is one of the millions of children that will benefit from the global drive of the Our Children’s Vision Campaign before the end of 2020. By putting in place policies and support programmes, future generations of children will have access to clear vision and ultimately break the chains of poverty caused by vision impairment.

Courtenay Holden, Campaign Manager, Our Children’s Vision continued;

Our goal of reaching 50 million children around the world is more than ambitious. It is inspiring, and it is a rallying point for not just helping today's children, but for doing the research, developing policies, lobbying governments and putting into place programs around the world to address the eye health of children today and tomorrow. 

Nicola Chevis, Chief Executive Officer, Vision Aid Overseas added;

Vision Aid Overseas recognises the urgency in addressing the needs of children who suffer from visual impairment globally, and we will continue to work closely with the governments in Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Zambia to develop long-term solutions to address these needs.