This September saw the closure of our glasses recycling scheme. Vision Aid Overseas had been recycling glasses since 2010, and in that time, we estimate we recycled over 30 million pairs of glasses. Any income raised from recycling, was used to contribute to our charitable activities and change thousands of lives, by providing eyecare to those who needed it most.

All of that good work would not have been possible without the help of our recycling and warehouse staff, and it is with heartfelt thanks that we look back on the work they have done. We are proud of our recycling staff and of the difference they have made to the people we serve.

Our recycling staff would sort and process thousands of pairs of glasses a day, that came to us from all over the UK, from over 2000 different optician practices and community groups. We estimate that they sorted close to 3.2 million glasses every year. They also helped prepare and provide essential equipment for our Vision Centres and project work in Africa.


We would like to say a huge thank you and goodbye to:

Howard Payne. Howard has been working as a Warehouse Manager with Vision Aid Overseas since 2006 as well as covering the role of the Vision Centre Supply Manager in the last year. His expertise when it comes to vintage glasses has helped generate income for the charity, and his dedication to the role has been inspirational.


Ila Lilachand. Ila has been working as a spectacle sorter with Vision Aid Overseas since 2009 and in the last year she also provided invaluable support to the fundraising team.




Praful Nayee. Praful has been working as a spectacle sorter with Vision Aid Overseas since 2011 and has helped greatly the closure of our warehouse over the last few months.




Barry Trigg and Mounir Soumbate have been casual specs sort workers for the last few years and have also worked hard recently, to help sort and clear the warehouse, so a big thanks to them for that too.


All that remains is to wish them all the very best of luck for the future and all their next adventures!