Vision Aid Overseas launches School Eye Health pilot programme in Kafue District, Zambia

Vision Aid Overseas is working in partnership with the Zambian Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education to develop a National School Eye Health programme which aims to screen the eye health of every school child across the country. As a preliminary stage, we have launched our pilot School Eye Health programme within Kafue District.


So far, we have trained 137 teachers from 73 schools to carry out basic eye screening. This includes testing visual acuity and recognising the common eye health issues such as conjunctivitis. All teachers will be equipped with Snellen charts, pen torches and other tools needed to carry out the screening. 


Any children who are identified to require further assessment will then be given a full eye test by our mobile eye health team; any children who require glasses will be prescribed these free of charge, and any children who have other eye conditions will be seen by the health clinic or referred for further treatment.

Although our pilot will be taking place within the schools, our team in Zambia have been working hard liaising with different stakeholders to ensure that parents and community members are aware of the project. This will both raise awareness of the need and benefits of wearing glasses, especially to school children, as well as encouraging children who do not attend school to come along to the screenings and have their eyes tested.


Anne Buglass, Director of Programmes said;

We are very excited to have launched our School Eye Health pilot in Zambia and to have trained so many teachers within Kafue District. The results of our pilot will be invaluable for us in supporting the government to scale up the programme nationally, and will help to achieve our aim of eye health becoming embedded into a national school health programme, bringing eye care and glasses to all children that need them