In March 2016, the Winner of the Rajeshwar Lal Bursary Krishna Raghvani went on her first ever Vision Aid Overseas assignment to Ethiopia to help deliver essential eye care and glasses to children and adults suffering from poor vision.

“I had always wanted to go on a project overseas and make a difference to people’s lives.  The experience from beginning to end was priceless and the journey throughout the project was very touching and emotional” Said Krishna

Pictured above is a lady they had screened and referred for cataract operation as glasses were not working for her. The picture is post left eye surgery.

The Rajeshwar Lal Bursary offers two £500 bursaries every year to first time volunteers in need of financial assistance towards the cost of their overseas assignment with Vision Aid Overseas.

If you are a first time volunteer with Vision Aid Overseas, you can apply to be considered for the Rajeshwar Lal Bursary.

Application is now open and closes on Saturday 31st December 2016. To find out more please contact [email protected] or call 01293 535 016.