You can double your donation this World Sight Day by taking part in our Big World Sight Day Lunch.

This World Sight Day Freedom Destinations, one of the UK’s largest independent holiday companies, will be doubling every donation up to the first £5,000 raised through the Vision Aid Overseas’ Big World Sight Day Lunch!

This means that a £5 donation, that would ­normally pay for 1 person to receive an eye test and pair of glasses in one of our partner countries, can now pay for 2 people to receive vital eye tests and glasses that could change their lives forever. 2 people who can now see clearly to continue to build brighter futures for themselves and their family.

How to get involved?

Vision Aid Overseas is asking all optical practices in the UK and everyone who cares about clear vision to join them in celebrating World Sight Day on Thursday 11th October 2018 by organising their very own Big World Sight Day Lunch. Your Lunch can be as big or as small as you like, just decide your venue and date, invite your guests and get cooking/baking!

Andy Holliday, Director of Fundraising and Communications, Vision Aid Overseas said;

The Big World Sight Day Lunch is a really simple way to get everyone together and involved in supporting access to eye care everywhere. We will provide you with a ‘lunch box’ full of useful materials such as bunting, invites and balloons that you can use to promote your event to your patients, family and friends. To receive you lunch box, why not kickstart your fundraising today by donating £5, the cost of an eye test and pair of glasses?

David Wallis, Managing Director, Freedom Destinations told us;

We are really excited to be supporting the work of Vision Aid Overseas by making your donations go further. We believe that the world is a beautiful place, and everyone deserves the right to see it clearly.

If you do not have time to take part in this year’s World Sight Day Lunch by organising an event, you can still show your support for the campaign and get your donation doubled by donating online here. (please reference, 'I support World Sight Day' so we know not to send you a lunch box)