Our Chair, Professor Nora Colton, reflects on the last six months and sends a personal message of thanks to our supporters. 

"Its been a very difficult period for all of the charity sector and VAO has been a part of that. The pandemic has been difficult in many ways. It’s reminded us why we exist and the importance of the work VAO does. …It’s really been an honour to be part of this organisation through this period.

(We acknowledge) many of our opticians and optometrists, who have been so involved over the years…supporting VAO… have been very hard hit (too) during this period. So, I really want you to know, as Chair of VAO, that I have been touched by all of you who have continued to make donations, to enquire, to see how we can continue to do the work we do, and the importance of that. I want to really thank you…"

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