A Chef living in Ndola, Zambia receives glasses and can feel confident in the kitchen again.

Manase is a 48 year old chef from Ndola, Zambia and lives with his wife and 6 children. He has been cooking from a young age. His dad was also in the food industry when Manase was young so this was a passion he and his dad shared. 

Before visiting the Vision Aid Overseas Vision Centre in Ndola, Manase had been struggling to read. As a result, his job was becoming difficult to see food packets and to chop finely. This became increasingly diffcicult when he had to work at night. After the team of Professional Volunteers assessed him and were able to provide him with a brand new pair of glasses, he said

 I will be able to read without a problem! 

Without clear vision children can’t learn to get an education and adults can’t earn to care for their families and contribute to their communities. However, you can make all the difference today by making a donation.