Chef living in Zambia receives glasses and can feel confident in the kitchen again

Name: Manase

Country: Zambia

Profession: Chef


Meet Manase, a 48-year old chef and father-of-six, living in Zambia. Manase loves working as a chef for his local guesthouse; however, his vision was making this increasingly difficult. He found he was struggling when preparing food and when reading food packets, especially at night when the light was poor. 


However, after visiting our Vision Centre, Manase received the eye test he desperately needed. He was provided with a brand-new pair of glasses and can now continue to do the job he loves whilst providing for his young family.

 I will be able to read without a problem! 

Without clear vision, people like Manase cannot continue to work safely and effectively. A simple pair of glasses can transform someone's life, enabling them to continue to earn and provide for their family and community. You can make all the difference today by making a donation.