Support A School

Right now, 12 million children worldwide struggle to learn because they struggle to see. But we already have the solution. Access to good eye care and glasses. Together, let's help to put better vision into African classrooms.

By making a regular donation to Support a School, you provide a steady and predictable flow of funds that will allow us to plan our work efficiently and effectively in support of rural schools, so making the most of your gift.

This is a great way of supporting the long-term development of health & wellbeing and education for children in rural Africa. 

We’ll send you a Welcome Pack which tells you more about the programme and a ‘thank you’ photo that you can share. When you have supported schools for one year we will send you a donation certificate and a photo story/video of ‘thanks’.

Simply choose your donation amount and tick 'set up a regular payment'. You can choose to give monthly, quarterly or yearly.

If you are not ready to make a regular gift, that's OK. Just choose to make a one off donation and we will send you a message of thanks!


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