How your support helped a geography teacher reach his potential.

Vision Aid Overseas met Joseph Matome at the Nyawa rural health clinic in the Livingstone region of Zambia.

Joseph is a 43-year old geography teacher and had been struggling with poor eyesight for a number of years. He was struggling to prepare lessons for his students and had become incapable of marking the students work. The impact of this on himself, his confidence and the children he taught was massive.


Joseph had also experienced pain in his eyes and beleived he may have been going blind. Having 3 children of his own to support, he needed a solution to his problems.

Thanks to our volunteers at the health clinic we managed to help Joseph with a simple and effective cure.

Joseph was not going blind, he simply needed a pair of glasses with the correct prescription. A pair of glasses can go a long way to empowering people of all ages and the knock on effect for generations is massive. Not only can Joseph feel confident about himself but he can also teach children from his village.

Without clear vision children can’t learn to get an education and adults can’t earn to care for their families and contribute to their communities. However, you can make all the difference today by making a donation.

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