Satinderjit Sidhu

I am privileged to be joining a team of optometrists and dispensing opticians on an outreach assignment in Sierra Leone in Nov 2017.
This is a humble effort by a group of eye professionals to use their skills to help people without adequate access to eye care.

In 2002 Sierra Leone emerged from a decade long civil war which destroyed much of its infrastructure, and then more recently it suffered the devastating effects of Ebola.

Ordinary people, trying to work and provide for their families, are those most affected.
Worldwide poverty and the plight of those less fortunate than myself has always left me with the desire to do more.
Without clear vision, children cannot learn and adults cannot work.

Vision Aid Overseas is a charity that has been helping some the poorest people in the world to see for over 30 years. More importantly, VAO has a focus on long-term solutions. They help train local health providers and establish Vision Centres which allow communities to become self-sufficient.

Please help this fantastic charity to continue its amazing work in remote and often forgotten parts of the world.

All proceeds go directly to Vision Aid Overseas.

Satinderjit Sidhu