Sheema Ravat

"VAO works for a world in which everyone has access to eye care and glasses"

In developing countries it means people can earn a living, feed, clothe and educate their children.
90% of people who are visually impaired live in the developing world and £200 billion of productivity is lost every year. The poverty caused by poor sight is heart breaking and sometimes its just a pair of spectacles that is needed.

£5.00 will allow VAO to supply an eye test and spectacles.
£22.00 will pay for a day of training for an eye care worker, giving them skills to provide a eye care to their community.

I feel fortunate to have the skills that can make a difference in a very real way to people who have poor sight and make an impact that can be so far reaching.

Please help me raise funds by donating what you can, so we can make a difference together.

Thank you, Sheema Ravat.

Sheema Ravat