Tom Sharp


An update on the plans for the fortnight. I will be working for the first week at GTM (Grarbet Tahidiso Mahber) an Ethiopian Non-Govermental Organisation (NGO). GTM operates a small hospital at Butajira, the hospital concentrates on providing care for victims of polio and epilepsy and providing ophthalmologic services for a large rural population among other things. Over a 5 year period the hospital will be able to reach another 96000 people from the rural area and offer affordable eye-care and spectacles, and surgery for cataracts and trachoma.

The second week I will be moving onto Batu. This is GTMs second eye clinic and an optical workshop was installed here in 2009 by Vision Aid Overseas. At both locations I shall be helping to provide affordable outreach clinics to people who cannot access eyecare services and also training ophthalmic nurses to deliver similar services when we leave.

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I, with a group of 5 others, am going to be travelling to Nekemte in Ethiopia with Vision Aid Overseas to help some of the poorest people in the world to see properly.

We are going to help with self-sufficiency by educating student optometrists.

We will run outreach programmes in very remote areas where locals may well be having their first ever sight test

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Tom Sharp