Ivan Cammack

First, we want to thank the many friends who supported our team last year. Your support, combined with many friends in the UK Optical World (colleagues and suppliers) raised over £10,000 for Vision Aid Overseas. Amazing! Thank you all so very much.

This year, we are taking on two new challenges. For the first time ever, L'Etape UK, the official Tour de France Sportive in the UK, is coming to the Chilterns, bringing all the fun and atmosphere of Le Tour De France with it! 

We are cycling 161km on the 14th of July in these beautiful, yet horribly steep hills.

And then, on 4th August we will challenge our legs to Prudential Ride London - which is a 141km ‘closed road’ race through London and the surrounding countryside. Both of these challenging rides will raise funds to help the world to see.

Our chosen charity performs fantastic work in Africa, to help provide vision care and vision solutions for families and children in communities that would otherwise not have the benefit of a simple pair of specs.

If you would like to learn how this basic provision allows:

  • Children to be educated, and prepare for work
  • Parents of those children to continue at work when their sight falters (as ours does) in their middle years
  • Communities to develop new levels of self sufficiency

Then visit Vision Aid Overseas online 

Thank you!

Ivan, Brian, and Dan - Team Cammack

Ivan Cammack