Vision Aid Overseas is close to my heart as an optometrist and spectacle wearer. 
Providing spectacles enables millions of people to lead a normal life - to work, study, read and enjoy a more fulfilling life.
Funds raised will mean more people have access to the eye care and life changing glasses they need, and that volunteers can go to Africa to share their skills to enable the local people to carry out the work themselves.

My updates:

7th October
Thank you for all your generosity. I try to thank people personally as well as the automatic email, however when it says anonymous, I can't do that. So THANK YOU to all those anons - there have been some incredibly generous donations but I don't know who to thank so please accept this "Thank you".
My legs are recovering, in fact it's a nice day today so I'll wander out, slowly.

4th October
I did it! Apologies to all those who were concerned as the app lost me but I am safe, sound and now dry again. It was a "little damp" but not as bad as I'd anticipated. My supporters were great and fellow runners encouraging too - there were quite a few marathon bibs on display around Regents Park.

3rd October
Tomorrow looks "interesting" weather-wise but Regents Park here I come! I have downloaded the app and can be tracked on the London Marathon app on runner 36125. Thanks for all the messages of support.

16th September
My route has now been checked out; it takes me from my hotel in Earls Court, via Hyde Park and past the Sherlock Holmes Museum to Regents Park. Once there I will vary running round the Outer Circle and the lake totalling over 42.2 kms (a little extra to make sure the app knows I've really covered the distance).
If I start early enough will I finish before Mo Farah or even Eliud Kipchoge and Kenenisa Bekele?!! Thank you to all those who are supporting me.

18th August
I've now signed up for the Virtual 40th London Marathon on 4th October and am intending to run round Regents Park 11 times. I've no idea how many other people will have the same idea but my invitation to join them at St James' Park seems to have been lost in the post!!

26th April
I should have been running 26.2 miles today; instead I ran 3.6 miles and sowed 26 runner beans!!

19th April
I had a quiet few days recovering and doing very little. I'm now back to running, not very far, but three mornings a week. In a month's time I will restart the 20 week training programme for the London Marathon which is rescheduled for 4th October.

5th April
I did it! I ran 26.2 miles (42.2kms) around local roads and through the nearby woods. Work colleagues, friends, neighbours, church people, fellow Scottish Dancers and camera club members came out of their houses or exercised locally to cheer me on and support. The neighbours even set up a finishing line. Thank you so much everyone for your encouragement.

1st April
I have decided to run my "informal marathon" this Sunday (5th). It is through a nearby park/woods and then several circuits of local roads. Some friends and work colleagues are hoping to walk to watch and cheer and a neighbour is lined up to take the finishing photo. Sadly no gathering to celebrate afterwards.
Thanks, as ever, for your support in so many ways.

29th March
From the news, I see I wasn’t the only one to think of running round the garden!! As Fagin would say “I’m reviewing the situation”.

26th March
Sadly the Olympics have now also been postponed – that hardly seemed possible 10 days ago. We’re now in lock down but I’m still keeping up with my training schedule and still hope to run my “informal marathon”. If we can’t leave our homes even for exercise, I have calculated I need to run round the garden 1205.7 times. As you can see, I have started preparing the course.

18th March
To those who have donated anonymously - thank you so much for your support. I can’t thank you in person as I don’t know who you are but I’m very grateful.

13th March
The postponement of the London Marathon was not unexpected as various other marathons had also been postponed. I had been thinking about it in advance and realised it is nothing compared with what it would be like for Olympic athletes if that were cancelled. And, of course, the welfare of millions worldwide is much more important – I can run another day.
However, as I’ve got this far with my training, I’m intending to run an “Informal marathon” on 26th April using loops of my usual training route but maybe avoiding the final nasty hill by coming round a different way. The loops past home will allow me to pick up water/energy drinks and “use a facility” if necessary. I’m hoping to find a few friends and relations to cheer me on at the occasional corner, confirm that I did it and possibly even to celebrate afterwards. All welcome. Photographic evidence to follow…

8th March
International Women’s Day - ideal conditions for a run:- bright but cool, spring flowers and birdsong. 27.24 kms is very nearly 17 miles. Thanks to everyone for their support.

16th February
It was a little damp today, but nothing like as bad as it has been in some areas, however I managed 10 miles (16.40 kilometres – kilometres clock up more quickly I find).

On 8th February
I attended a “Meet the Experts” session at Central Hall, Westminster. There was lots of useful information about training, nutrition and avoiding injury. There were also tips such as: practise with the energy drinks supplied, put your name on your running top and the first three miles are downhill so be especially careful not to set off too fast. They also assured us we couldn’t get lost on the course – I think I might be following a few others! Ruth Davies