Robert Kaplan Do you know that persons with Myopia, unclear eyesight in the far distance, have certain Myopic behaviours? Do you really think that using glasses, contacts, eyedrops, and corrective surgery is going to solve the myopic epidemic? By 2050, it is estimated that half of the world population are going to have Myopia. 

This silent time bomb of Myopic acceleration is incubating itself in human behaviour. This is a form of not looking clearly into the future. Myopia is becoming a human disease process. One that has direct damaging effects in the eyes, as well as a blindness to future outcomes of present actions. 

We credit science for breakthroughs in compensating glasses, contact lenses, atropine drops and corrective laser surgeries. These approaches do successfully compensate for an out of focus eye. However, the actual cause of the Myopia is not in the eye itself. This is why the incidence of Myopia is not dropping. One can easily point a finger to the indoor habits of people using digital devices, and less exposure to sunlight, over stimulation of blue light, or genetic influences being the cause of rapid increases in Myopia. And, this is not the only reason. 

The next step is to walk the path of becoming aware that Myopia measured in the eye goes back much deeper. Behind the eyes is a human being, who internally initiates Myopic perceptions to survive a frightening world in front of their eyes. They skilfully learn to energetically pull back their retinal receiving, not to feel. In this way they are protecting their deeper emotions. 

The term Myopia, has also been metaphorically linked to a form of logical thinking or decision making. One that is narrow and lacking in considering the farsighted future. It is quite common these days that present time decisions are made that appear to offer present benefits and convenience. Later, the harmful affects are discovered, and then remedies sought after the fact. 

Myopia Control Practice is the step from the incubation phase of Myopia Control, to a new paradigm birth of vision care. One that encourages the person to take self-responsibility and experience new ways of looking and seeing through the eyes. Like Polio, and other epidemic disease processes, Myopia can be controlled now. It is the practice of conscious seeing through the eyes in one’s daily life. Take action with me today before it is too late.

For the past 50 years my steps have brought me to many cultures and this awareness. Between May 13, and 27th, 2019, I am walking, with a dear friend, the Camino between Mossaic and Naverrenx, France, a distance of 260 Kilometers.

The Mission of this pilgrimage is to raise the awareness of a big step for human oriented vision care. To begin the Myopia Control Practice. To become self educated about this potential, share it with their loved ones, and encourage their practitioners to get involved. The means is ready and possible. What we need now is the public awareness and the birthing of a modern transformed version of Myopia Control Practice.

On the walk I will highlight how seeing and nature are intimately connected. I ask for your support to raise money to be used to help individuals in other countries that don't have access to good eye care programs. My goal is to raise £2 for every kilometer I walk. Thank you for joining me in reaching this goal. The fund-raising is managed by the non-profit organisation, Vision Aid Overseas.

Thank you, Roberto Kaplan.

Robert Kaplan