Peter Lyons

Hi, thanks for visiting my page.

670 million people around the world face poverty because they can't afford an eye test.

I am participating in the the Prudential 100 bike ride (100 miles in one day) to support Vision Aid Overseas, just as my parents did before me.

Small amounts of money go a very long way for VAO: -

£5 can pay for an eye test and glasses

£22 can pay for a day of training for an eye care worker

£100 can pay for a community outreach team to see 500 people

£250 can pay for a two-day community workshop, to improve awareness of eye care issues and services available

£1,000 can pay for a motorbike for the hospital to use for outreach to isolated communities, many of which cannot be reached by car

I hope that many lives will be changed in a very positive way by the funding I raise!

Any contribution, great or small, is gratefully received. Sharing this page via social media is also very much appreciated.

My father, David and my mother, Monique both supported Vison Aid Overseas. My father was an eye surgeon and frequently used his annual leave to treat patients in third world countries. These people would not have received treatment without his help.

Thank you,

Peter Lyons