Nikhil Manohar

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit my fundraising page.

In August 2018 I will be going to Zambia as part of a volunteer team with Vision Aid Overseas (VAO) to provide essential eye care for people in remote areas of the country.

In the developed world, we often take our vision for granted. However, 640 million people around the world (~10% of the global population) are disabled or disadvantaged simply because they don't have access to eye care. Improving sight with a pair of prescription spectacles or getting medical attention for eye conditions can be life changing for these people, enabling them to get an education, gain a job and provide for their families and society.

VAO deliver outreach services in rural communities in several African countries, as well as providing training to local eye care workers to help these countries become self-sufficient. Over the years they have developed Vision Centres with trained staff, Optometric facilities, and labs to make spectacles onsite.

My assignment in Zambia will see my team based in two rural hospitals, where locals from surrounding areas can reach us. Ahead of my trip, I am aiming to fundraise a minimum of £1,700 for the charity to continue their amazing work. I'm looking forward to use my training and skills to help make a difference to those that need it most, and would massively appreciate any donation you can make for this cause!

Thank you!

Nikhil Manohar