Mital Ruparelia In the developed world we often take our vision for granted. However, around 10% of the global population are disadvantaged simply because they don’t have access to eye care.

Vision aid overseas is a charity that works in developing countries to provide optical aid, services and training, which can be life changing - enabling people to gain an education or a job and therefore provide for their families.

In a few months, we will be going to Ethiopia as part of a small team on an outreach assignment to provide eye care to locals in rural areas, who would not usually have access to such services.

Ahead of the trip we are aiming to raise as much as we can in order to help as many people as we can when we are out there and your donations would help us in doing so.

£5 can pay for Vision Aid Overseas to provide an eye examination and a pair of glasses

£10 can pay for the raw materials needed to manufacture three pairs of glasses at a Vision Centre

£22 can pay for a day’s training for an eye care worker – giving them the skills needed to provide a service in their community all year round

All donations will be really appreciated as this will help support the amazing work of VAO.

Mital and Sheema x Mital Ruparelia