Maryam Hussain

Hey guys,

If any country is to become self-sufficient in delivering quality eye care services, it must have skilled human resources to do the job. Soo... I am off on my next adventure to Zambia to help teach a group of students help provide basic eye health care to people across remote villages who have no access to any services at the moment. Zambia has a population of 16 million people and only 48 optometrists meaning generations of people from young children to elderly grandparents are all suffering without access to basic appliances which can improve the quality of their lives such as spectacles.

Your donations can help train students to provide eye health services to these people as everyone deserves the right to be able to see.

1.2 billion people around the world live with visual impairment, simply because they don't have a pair of glasses. Vision Aid Overseas is dedicated to fighting poverty caused by poor eyesight by transforming access to eye care in developing countries. That means a child can continue going to school, and a parent can continue to work to provide for their family.

£5 can provide an eye test and a pair of glasses

£22 can pay for a day of training for an eye care worker

£100 can pay for a community outreach team to see 500 people

Guys pennies make pounds so any donation you can make will make a huge difference to someone out there. Help support me and the work of this amazing charity 😊😊

Maryam Hussain