Lauren Smith

Hi, my name is Lauren

I have been given the amazing opportunity to participate in a Vision Aid Overseas (a charity close to my heart) assignment to Sierra Leone in November for 2 weeks.

This will allow me to dispense spectacles and provide crucial eye care services for the charity, which helps thousands of people to have access to eye care; something we take for granted in the UK.

As well as providing eye examinations and spectacles Vision Aid also provides training for the locals to help them to become opticians and enable them to carry on the work when we have gone.

I am a dispensing optician working in London and I want to fundraise for Vision Aid Overseas because it is the one charity that relates to my job, It will also be a great honour and privilege to use my qualification, expertise and passion for my job in order help people in need, by delivering an outreach service to remote and isolated communities.

Please could you help me to raise £2,000, for this wonderful charity which is close to my heart and is one that truly relates to my career. Sight and caring for sight surely is something that everyone around the globe is entitled to and Vision Aid certainly ensures that.

Lauren Smith