Humma Khalid

Last year, after proof reading some material for an ambitious individual; I found myself asking myself if my own dreams were big enough...

Up until this point there was a part of my dream that I was reluctant to write down or fully vocalise out of fear of thinking that I would never be able to deliver on it. That it is too large a goal to achieve.

This September by the grace of God, I have the opportunity to start delivering on this dream; I alongside 3 UK Optometrists will be spending two weeks in Zambia teaching Optometry to 16 local ophthalmic nurses.

The aim of this project is to enable local ophthalmic nurses to gain primary eye care skills. With increased education and awareness amongst the next generation of eye care workers, the trained graduates will be able to actively support the implementation of affordable eye care services across their communities for many years to come.

Mulugeta received training through a similar Vision Aid Overseas programme and now provides vital eye tests to 35 - 40 patients every day in Ethiopia, read his story here

Those of you that know me personally, will know that my passion lies in optics and helping others. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing I have genuinely made a difference to my patients’ lives.

I am looking forward to being able to put my skills into use for a much-needed cause. This opportunity is a true blend of teaching others skills that will then in turn allow them to give the gift of sight.

I have one humble request; follow my journey & don’t forget to donate and share this page!

£5 can pay for an eye test and a pair of glasses
£22 can pay for a day of training for an eye care worker
£100 can pay for a community outreach team to see 500 people
£250 could pay for a two-day community workshop, to improve awareness of eye care issues and services available
Every donation makes a difference!!

Thank you in advance beautiful souls!

Signed with Smiles


Humma Khalid