Hafsah Khan

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well,

I am a Yorkshire based Optometrist volunteering in Ethiopia this year for an outreach programme with the charity Vision Aid Overseas.

My volunteering work will entail aiding communities in deprived and isolated areas, who are struggling to seek help in respects to accessing adequate eyecare. I will be working within a regional health system, with locally trained eyecare workers to provide a service both you and I take for granted.

Each eye test has the potential to change a life for the better, be it a young child needing glasses to utilise their schooling and education, or giving an adult the capacity to see close range details for day-to-day tasks with reading glasses.

There is no insignificant amount, every penny that you donate will be used in abundance to help those in less fortunate situations than ourselves, so please dig deep and let's give back together!! Below is a tiny glimpse into what we can achieve..

- £5 Can pay for an eye test and a pair of glasses

- £22 Can pay for a day of training for an eye care worker

- £100 Can pay for a community outreach team to see 500 people

- £250 Can pay for a two-day community workshop, to improve awareness of eye care issues and services available

- £1,000 Can pay for a motorbike for the hospital to use for outreach to the isolated communities, many of which cannot be reached by car

Thankyou for reading!! xx

Hafsah Khan