Shackesha Piere

Hey guys!!

I have been given the most amazing opportunity to not only fundraise for an amazing charity (Vision Aid Overseas), but to take part in THE GREAT ETHIOPIAN RUN! Vision Aid Overseas is a charity that has worked tirelessly for years to provide quality eyecare and glasses to those in Africa who really need good eyecare and do not have access to it. Huge shout out to VOA for the work they have done and continue to do! I will be going to Ethiopia in November, representing my store, Specsavers Harborne to play my part in giving back to the community members in Ethiopia and the rest of Africa. The 10K run will take place in Addis Ababa which is the capital of Ethiopia. This capital sits about 8000 ft above sea level. It will be a rigorous task but one that I am willing to embark upon!! I will be doing some vigorous training in preparation for this so feel free to follow my journey via Youtube Videos and status updates. My store will also be having a few fundraising days just for this event so do drop by to contribute!!!

My goal is to raise £2,600!!! I know I can make it happen with the help of YOU ALL! This is really a once in a lifetime opportunity and I intend to make the best out of it! Please give anything at all! It is ALLLL so highly appreciated! I will be fundraising till November so please help me to reach this goal!

Thanks in advance!

Shackesha :)

Shackesha Piere