Eanna Brassil


Thanks for visiting my fundraising page. I have been given the opportunity to volunteer for Vision Aid Overseas in Ethiopia this May. I am working towards raising over £1700 to help pay for future eye care projects. Please read below to learn about the important work they do in the developing world. I would greatly appreciate donations of any amount.

Worldwide there are 1.2 Billion people who cannot see just because they do not have access to or can afford spectacles. This means that parents cannot work to provide for their families and children cannot perform well at school.

Vision Aid Overseas work towards treating and preventing avoidable blindness, currently in 5 African countries, Ethiopia, Zambia, Burkina Faso, Uganda and Sierra Leone.

They do this in a number of ways.

Firstly they establish local eye care centres where people can avail of a free eye exam and purchase affordable spectacles. The centres are operated by local trained personnel and are set up to be self sufficient.

Vision Aid Overseas also trains local optometrists, nurses, ophthalmic clinical officers and technicians. VOA volunteers provide education and training to these students and professionals in order for them to offer a self sufficient eye care service to their community.

Thirdly, VAO runs outreach clinics in remote areas to complement the work of the vision centres. Volunteers provide eye exams and spectacles to the local community and are involved in local referral schemes for eye conditions such as cataracts and trachoma.

Your donation would help in allowing VAO to continue their work.



Eanna Brassil