Angelina Bhopal


Thank you for taking the time to visit my donation page.

I, with a group of 8 others, are going to Zambia with Vision Aid Overseas to volunteer and help provide eye care service to remote and isolated communities in Zambia where access to basic health care is scarce. We are going to help by running outreach programmes where we will be testing the eyes of people living in remote and isolated communities and dispensing spectacles to people who need glasses.

Those of you who need to wear glasses can appreciate how much of an impact they make to you and your lifestyle. Imagine not being able to get those glasses and living your life with blurred vision. Sounds horrible right?


Did you know undetected prescription error and untreated eye disease are the leading causes of blindness in developing countries which can be picked up by a simple eye examinations?

Most of us in well developed countries take our health care service for granted; please donate to this brilliant cause and help to make a difference! As little as £5.00 can help cover the cost of an eye test and a pair of prescription glasses - Every little helps!

All the proceeds will go directly to Vision Aid Overseas and are fully secured.

Thank you all so much for your generosity :)

Angelina Bhopal