Alexa Normore

As an Optometrist, I get to experience the direct impact that refractive correction (i.e. glasses) has on ones quality of life. Often taken for granted, many of us cannot imagine what life would be like without access to eye care, leaving us with vision similar to looking through an unfocused camera. Unfortunately this is a reality for far too many people.

In April I will be running the London Marathon in support of Vision Aid Overseas. Every year this group helps thousands of children and adults get the eyecare they need to improve their quality of life. They work internationally in countries such as Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Zambia providing access to eye health including providing eye exams, setting up vision centres and providing the appropriate spectacle correction.


I have set my fundraising goal at 2000£. This money will go towards providing eyecare and glasses through VAO to those in need. Your support will be greatly appreciated.


- 1.2 billion people worldwide can’t see properly simply because they need glasses.

- 12 million children worldwide struggle to learn simply because they need glasses,

- 89% of visually impaired people live in low and middle-income countries.

- 75% of all visual impairment is preventable or curable


Since 2011, VAO has provided over 74,235 people with glasses that helped change their lives. Over 193,852 people have been refracted or received an eye test. Over 20 Vision Centres have been established.

In the coming months, I will be training for the 2020 London Marathon and simultaneously hoping to reach my fundraising goal of 2000£ to contribute to providing eyecare and glasses to those in need. I greatly appreciate the support to achieve this long-term goal of mine!

Alexa Normore