About Seeing Eye to Eye

With more than 640 million people worldwide disabled simply because they need glasses, the Vision Aid Overseas Seeing Eye to Eye Programme is based on the ‘buy one – give one’ principle. Where for every pair of glasses sold at your Practice/s or eye test carried out, your Practice will pledge to make a donation to support the work of Vision Aid Overseas.


For example, Jonathan Hall Opticians in Belfast pledged in January 2017 to donate 1% percent of their future weekly sales to Vision Aid Overseas. Jonathan said:

We were excited by the chance to change the lives of people we may never get to meet. Vision Aid Overseas was the logical choice for us as they provide eye tests and glasses, just like we do. It took less than 10 minutes to set up our own donating page on the Vision Aid Overseas website and every Monday morning we simply add our donation.


Benefits of Seeing Eye to Eye

By taking part in our Eye to Eye Campaign your practice will have the opportunity to:


  • Advocate that every purchase at your practice is helping Vision Aid Overseas provide some of the Africa’s poorest and most vulnerable people access to affordable eye care services and life changing spectacles

  • Build strong rapport with your patients by demonstrating that your Practice/s care about improving global eye health

  • Distinguish yourself from other Practices by showing your staff and customers that you care



  • Encourage customers who donate their used spectacles through your Practice to purchase their new spectacles with you, as your Practice will be making a monetary donation to support the work of Vision Aid Overseas

  • Engage with your local community by raising awareness of the importance of good eye health

Getting started


  • Receive tailored digital promotional materials that you can use to promote your Eye to Eye Campaign. See example on the left.

  • Permission to use the Vision Aid Overseas logo and images to promote your Eye to Eye Campaign


  • Support from Vision Aid Overseas’ fundraising & communications team throughout your campaign

  • Promotion on Vision Aid Overseas' social media 

Get involved

If you would like to take part in the Vision Aid Overseas Seeing Eye to Eye Programme, please email fundraising@visionaidoverseas.org or call us on 01293 535 016.