The Virtual Fundraising Challenge for 2022

You can register from April 17th until July 17th

Take part wherever you are, however you want, do it your way!

Spring is here and it is finally time to get outdoors and get active! Whether you want to just get fitter or do something meaningful, Go For Glasses is the answer. Ever thought of trying a new sport? Or do you want to break your own personal record? You can do so whilst fundraising for people in need across Africa! Keep reading to know more about how you can help the world to see this year.

Unfortunately, accessing eye care is not as easy for everyone, and we want to raise £10,000 to help the 1.2 billion people worldwide who cannot see properly simply because they need glasses. Our mission is to give access to adequate eye care to everyone, which costs as little as £5, allowing someone to get an eye test and a prescribed pair of glasses.

Go For Glasses is our virtual challenge, which means you can take part anywhere! The challenge runs for three months, starting on 17th April and ending on July 17th - you can sign up any day during this period frame and you will have 40 days to complete your challenge. Take part as an individual or a team, and choose your activity, goal and fundraising target.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and go, go, go for glasses!

Step 1 - Choose an activity: Choose something that you really love or try something new! You make your own rules in this challenge.

  • Walk
  • Run
  • Cycle
  • Swim
  • Play tennis
  • Climb
  • Other - from space hopping to Lindy Hop dancing, to yoga and weightlifting, your imagination is the only limit.

Step 2 - Choose a distance and a time: Pace yourself as you wish! Here are some examples on how you can tailor your own event but feel free to choose whatever suits you best:

  • 10 miles in a day or 100 miles in a month
  • 100 laps of the pool in four hours or over four weeks
  • 8 hours of non-stop dancing or 80 hours over 8 weeks
  • 1 daily hour of power walking
  • Commute to your office only cycling and avoiding public transport
  • The sky is the limit!

If sports are not your thing, let's get creative! You could also:

  • Start your own knitting challenge
  • Live plastic free for the duration of the challenge
  • A reading marathon
  • You choose whatever works for you

Step 3 - Choose a fundraising target

  • £100 = 20 eye tests and 20 pairs of glasses
  • £200 = 8 eye care workers trained
  • £400 = outreach work for 2000 people

Step 4 – Register by downloading our fundraising form and sending it to [email protected] - we want to know who you are and how you are helping the world to see!

Step 5 – Use our Fundraising Guide

Step 6 – You can start on April 17th, but don't worry if you don't make it on time. You have 3 months (until 17th July) to sign up, but only 40 days to complete your challenge!

Step 7 – Share and celebrate your progress using #GoFoGlasses on your social media channels. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

Step 8 - Finish your activity after 40 days of signing up and celebrate online using #GoFoGlasses. Remember that you can tag us during your challenge and we will celebrate your achievements together!


Where can I take part in Go for Glasses?

Go for Glasses is a virtual event, which means anywhere you like. You can take part at the beach, the park, the gym or even on your way to work. Wherever you go, just make sure you keep track of your distance/target.


When can I take part in Go for Glasses?

You can start anytime from April 17th onwards but you have to finish your activity by July 17th. You can start any day within this period frame and you will have 40 days to complete your challenge. 


How do I get started?

Sign up for FREE today and fill out the form that you can find by clicking here, choosing your activity, distance and fundraising target. Once you have completed the form, please send it to us at [email protected] so we know you are joining our mission and we can share with you tips on how to best fundraise!


Get in touch!

Do you need some ideas on how to fundraise with us? Do you have any questions about how to run the virtual challenge? We will be happy to help! Please email us at [email protected]