With only 2 qualified Optometrists for a population of 18.5 million, Burkina Faso has one of the lowest Optometrist-to-patient ratios in the world.

Lack of access to affordable eye tests and glasses has been proven to have a devastating impact on the education and work opportunities for millions of children and adults worldwide.

Our work in focus

Vision Aid Overseas has been working to improve access to vital eye care services and affordable glasses in French speaking Burkina Faso since 2001. With the support of the L’Occitane Foundation, we have so far helped to establish two Vision Centres with both centres treating over 2,000 patients a year.


Koudougou dispensary– established in 2013 at the Koudougou Regional Hospital, the dispensary provides free eye tests and low-cost prescription glasses to everyone, regardless of their circumstance. Patients in need of further treatment can be referred to the Ophthalmologist department within the hospital.


Kossodo Vision Centre- opened in 2014 in the capital Ouagadougou, the Kossodo Vision Centre also provides patients with free eye tests and low-cost treatment. The Vision Centre also benefits from having an onsite workshop to manufacture and dispense glasses.