A primary school student receives his first pair of reading glasses

Name: Adams

Country: Zambia

Occupation: Primary school student

Meet Adams, an eleven-year-old student living in Zambia. Despite his potential, Adams was struggling at school simply because he could not see the blackboard well enough to learn.

Luckily, Adams paid a visit to our Vision Centre in Livingstone where he received a full eye test and was prescribed a smart new pair of glasses that restored his vision. 

Did you know, 63% of all 0 to 15-year olds who cannot see properly, simply need an eye test and a pair of glasses?

It cost us just £5 to provide Adams with an eye test and a pair of new glasses, and this has transformed his life dramatically. Adams is now back at school, improving his grades and his parents are very proud of him. He wants to be a policeman when he’s older so that he can support his family and keep his community safe. With his new pair of glasses, he can now receive the education he needs to make this happen.  

I can now see to learn! 

When eye care is made accessible, children are more likely to reach their potential in school, achieve a better education, and ultimately start a career when they leave school. You can help make a difference today by making a donation.

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