Ada, Farming for the future

Meet Ada, a 70-year-old Farmer living in a village called Masu in the Northern province of Sierra Leone.

Ada is blind in her left eye following an unsuccessful cataract operation she had many years ago. In addition to the disability of being blind in her left eye, Ada was also suffering from poor vision in her right eye making it very difficult for her when farming and completing her normal day to day tasks.

However, as a result of the generosity of our supporters and volunteers, Ada was given an eye test and prescribed with a brand new pair of reading glasses which has restored her vision in her right eye. Ada can now continue to farm and live an independent life without the struggle of not being able to see properly.

Women account for two thirds of the people who cannot see properly simply because they need glasses. However, you can help make a difference to their lives. Donate today and change a life.