2018 Annual Family BBQ Fundraiser and HG Games!


VAO do some excellent work!

Amed Momodu - Delivery

Amed Momodu

to lend a helping hand

Dublin Marathon

David Arnott

To help the Hakim group raise £100,000

Fundraising for Zambia

Mofiyinfoluwa Adeleye

Ghana 2018 Outreach and Training Assignment

Ashley Mehta

I am raising funds to join a VAO outreach and training assignment to Ghana in September 2018.

Giving the gift of sight to Ghana

Prina Ruparel

Vision Aid Overseas (VAO) is a charity in the United Kingdom which provides optical aid and services in developing countries such as Africa. Currently 1.1 billion people worldwide suffer from visual impairment due to the lack of sight tests and spectacles. Poor eye sight can impact a child's education as well as people's ability of getting a job. VAO carry out Outreach programmes in various locations so people can have eye examinations and can easily access prescription

Giving Zambia Sight

Nikhil Manohar

Gwen London 2019

Gwen Davies

As an Optometrist I understand the value of vision to people of all ages. VAO gives the hope of vision to those whose lives are affected by lack of vision care.

Help deliver the gift of sight to Zambia

Anna Marie Healy

300 Million people in the developing world do not have spectacles to live an ordinary life due to poverty and lack of optical services.

Help Tathan to volunteer in VAO's cause in Zambia

Tathan McShane

I am fundraising for Vision Aid Overseas because I am passionate about working towards eradicating preventable sight loss, in particular, that caused by poverty and a lack of resources.

HG World Cup 2018

Suaib Issa

Help to support Vision Aid Overseas with their amazing child eye care programme in Ethiopia.

Jonathan Hall Opticians

Jonathan Hall

Jonathan Hall Opticians is fundraising for Vision Aid Overseas

Kevin Woodbridge - VAO assignment in Ghana Jan/Feb 2019

Kevin Woodbridge

I would like to help the people of the world to see

Kiran's running the London Marathon

Kiran Jhangaria

London Marathon 2019 - Fundraising for Vision Aid Overseas

Laura & Chris support Chitambo, Zambia

Laura Bennett

Assignment to Zambia 17-31 August 2019

London Marathon 2019!!

Chris Ferguson

Working for Specsavers we get to find out a lot about the exceptional work carried out by Vision Aid, that is why I am proud to be fundraising for this great Charity

Maryams going to Zambia

Maryam Hussain

I’m off on my next adventure to Zambia to help teach a group of students to provide basic eye health care to generations of people across remote Zambian villages.

Param's volunteering in Ghana

Paramvir Luther

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Refraction training in Livingstone, Zambia

Alan Henderson

Passing on skills and training to local health care providers in an effort to tackle avoidable blindness.

Ruth Moore: Ethiopia May 2018

Ruth Moore

In May 2018 I will be joining a team of 5 optometrists on an outreach programme in Ethiopia with the charity Vision Aid Overseas which helps to provide eyecare and spectacles to people in remote areas. As well as giving my time I would like to raise as much money as possible for the charity before I go. Any donations would be hugely appreciated.

Sierra Leone Outreach

Lauren Smith

I want to fund-raise for VAO because it is the one charity that relates to my job as a Dispensing Optician and its a great honour i can use my qualification to help people in need.

Sierra Leone project 2018

Dave Baker

In June 2018 I will going on my third Vision Aid Overseas project, his time to Sierra Leone


Sonia Matharu

To enable people living in poverty access to affordable glasses and eye care

Steve’s fundraising page for VISION AID

Stephen Smith

Running London Marathon for Vision Aid Overseas. Following a recent eye operation I have realised the impact eye problems have on every aspect of your life.

Sukveer Orjela Running London Marathon

Sukveer Orjela

I want to Fundraise to support eye health of those from the neediest parts of the world

supporting Liz's assignment to Sierra Leone

Elizabeth Seal

I've been planning to sign up for an assignment for years, and finally, the time has come!

Team Cammack's Coast to Coast Cycle for Sight

Team Cammack

We can improve the lives of so many children around the world by improving their sight. Help us give every child a future that is bright. A future with good sight.

Team Essilor Bristol Half Marathon 2018

Team Essilor UK Bristol Half Marathon 2018

Essilor LTD mission is "Improving Lives by Improving Sight". Money will be used to sponsor schools in some of the worlds most deprived areas to help visually impaired children.

The Family Tradition

Peter Lyons

My father, David and my mother, Monique both supported VAO. My father passed away in 1999, and my mother on February 8th this year. I am cycling the Prudential 100 both as a tribute to them and also for the benefits fundraising will bring to poor people in deprived countries.

The Hairy Haggis Team

Ellie Moody

Our Head Office Team, along with one of our Professional Volunteers, Simran Hunt-Deol, will be running the Hairy Haggis Team Relay in Edinburgh!

Vision Aid Overseas Sierra Leone Outreach

Priya Bhambra

I am raising money for a Vision Aid Overseas Sierra Leone outreach with other optometrists.

We're GHANA give the gift of sight

Meera Kataria

When you grow up with something you tend to take it for granted; good vision is such a vital part of ensuring a high quality of life that we often forget to think how life could be without it. Tasks such as cooking for your family, earning a living for your children or studying for your future can become challenging. The belief at Vision Aid Overseas is that 'no one lives in poverty because of poor eyesight; no one lives with poor eyesight because of poverty'.