Adams- Seeing the blackboard

A primary school student receives his first pair of reading glasses.Read more

Billal- seeing the blackboard

Primary school student receives eye care and glasses in Ethiopia.Read more

Catherine- Seeing the blackboard

Catherine, I can see clearly now...Read more

Ellen- using both eyes together

Toddler Ellen receives treatment through an outreach clinic in ZambiaRead more

Fatimata- Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

A Child Health Nurse and Ebola Survivor receives eye care treatment in Sierra LeoneRead more


48 year old Chef from Ndola in Zambia receives glasses and can feel confident in the kitchen again.Read more

Mulugeta- Eye care worker

Thanks to your support, on an average day, Mulugeta can provide vital eye tests to 35-40 patients suffering from poor eye sight in Ethiopia!Read more


Pascar, a 17-year old student from Mukuni Village, Livingstone region of Zambia, loves to sing.Read more


Screening the future of Sierra Leone - Optometry TechnicianRead more

Patrick - Threading a needle

A Tailor in Sierra Leone receives life changing eye care and glasses.Read more


A nurse's work is improved with the provision of a pair of glasses.Read more

Wubit- Seeing the classroom

A primary school teacher receives treatment from Vision Aid OverseasRead more