Adams Mambwe

A primary school student receives his first pair of reading glasses.Read more

Ada-Sierra Leone

Meet Ada, a 70-year-old Farmer living in a village called Masu in the Northern province of Sierra Leone.Read more

Catherine Kazembe

Catherine Kazembe, I can see clearly now...Read more

Charles Amafumba

Meet Charles Amafumba, a construction foreman in Zambia.Read more

Manase Sikana

48 year old Chef from Ndola in Zambia receives glasses and can feel confident in the kitchen again.Read more

Mapepala Musonda

Self-employed Carpenter able to go back to work.Read more

Pascar Siambweda

Pascar Siambweda, a 17-year old student from Mukuni Village, Livingstone region of Zambia, loves to sing.Read more

The Malilwe Family

51 year old shopkeeper, Grace Mwanza, was finding it difficult to run her shop with her deteriorating eye sight.Read more

Worku Ayehu

A nurse's work is improved with the provision of a pair of glasses.Read more

Wubit Habtie

A primary school teacher receives treatment from Vision Aid OverseasRead more

Yisimash Digis

A Volunteer Clinical Nurse can continue to care for her patients and save lives.Read more


11 year old Zaria able to learn at school again.Read more