Following a skills assessment, Patricia Tarawally and Musa Conteh, Optometry Technicians based at Kenema Vision Centre, Sierra Leone, received training on Paediatric Optometry in December 2020.

Working remotely with UK volunteer Optometrists, Kath Stott and Jonathan Hall, a training program was designed to develop Patricia’s and Musa’s existing skills and was delivered by Optometrist Ninimba Lebbie, who practices in Bo, Sierra Leone. The training included practical optical skills and classroom training on Paediatric Optometry topics, child safeguarding in an eye health setting, and communication.

At the end of the course both Patricia and Musa had improved skills that will be utilised when examining children during the School Eye Health Programme clinics and at the vision centre. Further training is planned for March 2021 and Ninimba, Kath and Jonathan are busy creating materials for this next part of this course.

This training was part of a school eye health programme that Vision Aid Overseas is running in collaboration with the government of Sierra Leone, which by the end of the 2-year programme will have screened over 44,000 children for refractive error and eye diseases.

This course and the wider school eye health programme in Sierra Leone was made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).