We are sorry to announce that Bosco Ringtho who drove for many Vision Aid Overseas assignments in Uganda over the last twenty years has died after a very short illness. 

Bosco always made a huge contribution to the success of our teams not only in driving, but also providing excellent support with translation, outreach assignments and crowd control were among his other skills. 


Bosco always kept teams safe, sometimes driving in very difficult conditions and was never defeated by whatever challenges the Ugandan roads presented him with.  His smiling face greeted teams at the airport and he kept smiling throughout, despite working long hours.  He always supported team leaders and members and was a great advocate of our work.  He was the final member of any team and added greatly to what we were able to achieve over the years we worked in Uganda.

Bosco will be sadly missed by all who knew him. Our condolences to Bosco and his Family