Vision Aid Overseas volunteers and staff would like to offer their sincere condolences to wife Ellen and family following the recent passing away of long time Vision Aid Overseas volunteer Nigel Horrocks.

Vision Aid Overseas Founder Brain Ellis wrote –"When gathered amongst many of the ‘youth’ of Vision Aid Overseas, Nigel and I were almost contemporaries and it was always a pleasure to meet up with him.  Our early days in optics were comparable and we could enjoy a bit of reminiscence!


He was always a very gracious gentleman and supportive of the aims we had with Vision Aid Overseas and he was quite a pioneer when his first project was on our only visit to Latvia in 2000.  Subsequently, of course he led teams to Uganda and Zambia and we were all amazed to learn of his skill with water colours.


I was delighted when he let me include him in the 25th Anniversary edition of ‘Sight for Sore Eyes’ a copy of his painting of a couple in an African dugout canoe.  It added a personal and new dimension to our work. We shall all miss him, but the family loss is the greater and I know I write on behalf of many Vision Aid Overseas members when I say in that you have our sympathy."