After three successful years working in landlocked Botswana in Partnership with Addenbrooke's Abroad, Cambridge as part of the 'Seeing is Believing' programme, Vision Aid Overseas is celebrating the conclusion of our involvement in the programme and looks back on some of the highlights.

The ‘Seeing is Believing’ programme (which ran from April 2013 to March 2016) provided support to the Ministry of Health in achieving the goals of the National Eye Care Plan, and specifically in improving optometric services and affordable spectacle provision in the public sector, increasing access to these services particularly in remote areas and specifically for children, the elderly and low-income groups.

During the three year programme Vision Aid Overseas helped to:

  • Establish and install a Vision Centre in Sekgoma Memorial Hospital in Serowe

  • Train Optometrists and Ophthalmic nurses to develop outreach eye health services

  • Screen approximately 1,700 adults and children

  • Deliver five Outreach Clinics providing services for those who could not otherwise access the hospital clinics

Our partnership with Addenbrooke’s Abroad Programme has been able to transform the lives of thousands of people by bringing affordable eye care and spectacles to some of the poorest communities in Botswana. Find out more

Although Vision Aid Overseas has now finished its work in Botswana, Addenbrooke’s’ s Abroad will continue to support eye care services nationwide, working with the Ministry of Health as part of its on-going LINKS programme.

Vision Aid Overseas is now currently working in five African countries to help fight poverty by establishing vision centres, training local eye care workers and delivering outreach services in rural communities so that more people can access essential Eyecare and spectacles.