Why I joined as a member of Vision Aid Overseas

Ella Ewens is an optometrist from London and works at Johnson & Johnson as Medical Affairs Manager. She attended our last Volunteer Development Programme and soon after, was selected to go on an assignment to Lusaka in Zambia where she will train local optical technicians and provide eye care services to communities in rural locations.  

 ‘We really take spectacles for granted here in the UK.  640 million people worldwide are disadvantaged because they simply do not have access to eye care and this prevents parents from being able to work and provide for their families and children from receiving education. Said Ella

‘I am really excited to travel to Zambia and pass on some of my optical skills and help provide a sustainable solution for the large number of people whose vision is uncorrected.  As an optometrist I know the impact that helping someone with their vision, can have on their life.  Just by providing a patient with a simple pair of glasses suited to their prescription is life-changing for them.’