For as little as £5, you can now receive a glasses recycling pack posted to your door step. Donate, Recycle and Transform Lives.

** Recycling pack orders will not be processed after Monday the 16th December, but will resume again on Friday January 3rd 2020** 

Did you know, only 10% of the world’s plastic waste is recycled? Vision Aid Overseas’ recycling scheme operates throughout the UK, making sure that your glasses are fully recycled from the metal frames to the plastic coating, or are sold on to our specialist buyers who refurbish them.

The income generated through this process helps us to provide a sustainable solution that delivers quality eye care services and low-cost brand-new glasses, from locally trained eye care workers, to people who cannot access affordable eye care across Africa. To find out more about how we work click here.

We stopped sending second-glasses overseas in 2010 when the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) recommended that sending second-hand glasses overseas was not the best way to establish sustainable eye care in developing countries. The IAPB made their recommendation on the basis that:

  • Sending second-hand glasses overseas is not cost-effective – cleaning, refurbishment, repair and transportation costs are often greater than the cost of supplying new frames and lenses
  • Everyone, regardless of their circumstances, has a right to clear, comfortable vision
  • Second-hand glasses can cause an environmental problem in the recipient country

Today, we focus on providing a sustainable solution that delivers eye care services and low-cost new glasses to patients in need, from locally trained eye care workers.

Your recycling pack

We now have an even easier way for you to recycle your glasses. You can simply order your recycling pack by donating £5 (the cost of an eye test and pair of glasses in one of our partner countries) and get a pack sent directly to your doorstep.

What will the £5 cover?

  • Your donation will help us cover the cost of printing, postage and processing which is £3 and the remaining donation of £2 will be put towards supporting our eye care programmes across Africa.

Please also note, one recycling pack can fit a maximum of three pairs of glasses without cases. As we cannot recycle the cases, please do not include these in the packs as they can be recycled locally in a charity shop.

Suggested minimum donations:

£5 – One recycling pack

£10 – Two recycling packs

£15 - Three recycling packs

Please let us know how many packs you would like to receive by leaving a note in the comment section when you are donating. 

Please note, our glasses recycling scheme is only available in the UK.