Will you help thousands of school children to see clearly this Christmas? All donations NOW until **17TH JANUARY 2020** will be doubled!

What happens when a child cannot see their lessons on the board, cannot see their textbooks, cannot see their teacher’s face?

They fall behind. They fail. And their future becomes less clear.

Right now, 12 million children worldwide struggle to learn because they struggle to see.

And it’s not just learning. Children without clear vision can feel lonely and frustrated, unable to see their friends’ faces, and to play together safely.

But we already have the solution. Access to good eye care and glasses.

When children get access to the eye care and the glasses they need, they can see a brighter future.

They stay in school, their grades improve, and they become better equipped to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

This Christmas, if we can raise £50,000 we will be able to help thousands of school children aged 5-14, in East Wollega, in the Oromia region of Ethiopia.

This is a rural area, with most people reliant upon smallholder farming. There is a high level of poverty and a woeful lack of eye health facilities and awareness.

With your donations this Christmas we can:

1 Train schoolteachers to effectively screen all the children in their community and to identify those that need further eye examination. We will work with parents and the local community to reach those children not in school too, so they are not missed.

2 Then, a local Mobile Health Unit, led by government optometrists, will visit the school to provide full eye examinations (for both teachers and children), issue treatments like eye drops, and prescribe glasses to a child at no cost to their family. Optometrists will refer children and teachers who need more specialised care to other health facilities too e.g. treatment for eye diseases.

3 Misunderstanding of eye health and stigma around the wearing of glasses can be damaging. So we will raise awareness in the community about the importance of good eye health and the need for children with visual impairment to keep wearing their glasses.

Last year, supporters like you helped to change the lives of thousands of children. Let's keep going!

If you donate now your gift will go twice as far to help children

This year, your donation will be DOUBLED. This is thanks to good friends of our charity who have pledged to match every donation raised up to the first £25,000. 

This is all thanks to the following pledgers: Pala Eyewear and LIFElabs, The Chalk Cliff Trust and Scouloudi Foundation, and many other individuals, trusts, Rotary Clubs and other community groups who have pledged to double your donations this Christmas.

Every £1 you donate until **17TH JANUARY 2020** will become £2, every £50 will become £100 and so on!

Alpha and David's story from Sierra Leone

Alpha (13) and David (10), live in Makump, a small village in Northern Sierra Leone. They were both getting good marks and thriving at a school but gradually, their eyesight was becoming poor. Their teachers were worried and their dreams for the future seemed to be fading.

However, thanks to kind supporters like you, they were seen by eye care staff trained by Vision Aid Overseas, their eyes tested, and glasses made at one of our Vision Centres.

Now, Alpha and David can see a brighter future.

“I can see so much clearer now. I hope to fulfill my dreams of becoming a police officer. I am so happy to see well”. (David)

Read their full story here.

Please donate by **17TH JANUARY 2020** and help thousands of children in Ethiopia to see clearly and achieve their own dreams this Christmas.