Will you help Vision Aid Overseas continue its eye care programme in Sierra Leone by helping us to raise £75,000?



This year, our mission in Sierra Leone is bigger than ever before. Vision Aid Overseas urgently needs your help so that we can continue to work in Sierra Leone, where the Vision Aid Overseas supported Vision Centres and trained eye care workers are the only providers of affordable eye care services and glasses for a population of 1.6 million people in the Eastern Province.


Vision Aid Overseas in Sierra Leone

With only two qualified optometrists and six Vision Centres in the public sector for a population of over 7 million people, primary eye health has been recognised in the Sierra Leone National Health Strategic Plan as severely under-resourced and is a looming crisis that needs our attention.


Working with the Ministry of Health and the National Eye Care Co-ordinator, Vision Aid Overseas has been working in Sierra Leone to help address the shortage of eye care workers and eye care facilities since 2013. Thanks to the generous donations from supporters like you as well as trusts and foundations, we have established four Vision Centres in government run hospitals in the Eastern and Northern Provinces serving a total of 4.1 million people per year.


With no training facilities in Sierra Leone, we have also provided scholarships for fifteen Optometry Technicians to train in the Gambia, all but one of whom have now finished their training and are back in Sierra Leone providing vital eye care services to all patients regardless of circumstance.

However, despite our efforts and the progress made in the last four years we are still a long way off ensuring that, in Sierra Leone no one lives with poor eyesight because of poverty and no one lives in poverty because of poor eyesight. Without your help this, our programme in Sierra Leone could come to an end. Vision Aid Overseas and Sierra Leone needs your help now more than ever!


How will your donations help?

The donations raised through this appeal will enable Vision Aid Overseas to continue to develop and strengthen our programme in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone. This will have a life changing impact on people living in poverty, whose educational attainment and future income can improve simply through the provision of a pair of prescription glasses.


Your gift for Sierra Leone will help to:

  • Strengthen three Vision Centres in the Eastern Province; Kenema, Koidu and Kailahun by providing training, regular monitoring and management support to the Vision Centre staff

  • Support ten Optometry Technicians undertaking eye tests and dispensing glasses

  • Support the Eastern Province programme to build eye care into existing locally run hospital outreach to bring optometry services to more isolated communities, so that no one is left behind. 


Please donate and transform a life through the gift of clear vision.

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