Will you help buy urgently needed new equipment for Connaught Vision Centre serving 1.2 million people in Freetown, Sierra Leone this Christmas?

Why Sierra Leone?

In 2014 and 2015 Sierra Leone was devastated by the Ebola outbreak. Already one of the world’s poorest countries, the whole nation is still struggling to come to terms with over 5,000 Ebola deaths. Survivors continue to face related health complications and the stigma of having had the virus. Already limited health services have been stretched to breaking point.

Why Connaught Vision Centre?

Since the Connaught Vision Centre was established in 2009, an estimated 88,000 patients have been provided with eye tests and glasses. However, over the years the equipment have slowly deteriorated and broken down. Especially during the Ebola outbreak where certain equipment such as the trial frames had to be dipped in chlorine bleach after each patient was tested to avoid cross infection.

We don’t know what the fate of the workshop will be if all our equipment were to break down. Said William, Vision
Centre Manager

Your gift this Christmas can ensure that Connaught Vision Centre can exist to continue to provide more people with essential eye care and glasses. More people like 35 year old Isatu Sesay, who until she was given an eye test and prescribed with a pair of glasses, could not see the classroom to teach properly.

How you can help?

The 2016 Vision Aid Overseas Christmas Appeal aims to raise £13, 635 to buy and transport urgently needed new equipment to Connaught Vision Centre to restore it back into a fully functioning service, providing eye care and glasses to 1.2 million people in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

To give the gift of sight this Christmas, please donate today.