Volunteering with Vision Aid Overseas

Short term placements

Volunteering on an overseas project is a great way to experience working in a developing country and to share your clinical or technical skills to fight avoidable visual impairment and poverty.

Who can volunteer?

Vision Aid Overseas placements last two weeks and give you the opportunity to join a team working on a specific project in one of our partner countries. 

The following people can work as Professional Volunteers with Vision Aid Overseas:

- Optometrists
- Dispensing Opticians
- Optical Technicians
- Optical Assistants (fewer placements)
- Ophthalmologists (fewer placements)

We will make sure we place you on a programme suitable to your experience.

What will I do?

The main focus of our projects is helping local eye care providers to boost their skills by providing short courses on optometry or optics or mentoring eye care workers in clinical practice. There are also opportunities to establish Vision Centres by installing or maintaining equipment and to work alongside local clinicians working on outreach programmes as mentors and supervisors.

Vision Aid Overseas' international programme focuses on developing long-term services in our partner countries. We don't undertake volunteer programmes which are only focused on establishing short-term eye camps and dispensing spectacles.

How to get involved?

To be eligible to work as a Professional Volunteer with Vision Aid Overseas you must:

1. Become a member of the charity - this costs £36 per year or £3 per month:

Join us

2. Complete our Volunteer Development Programme.

Funding your project

Professional Volunteers who work with Vision Aid Overseas are asked to raise a minimum donation to support their project costs. The amount you will be asked to raise varies depending on the type of project you will undertake. However, for the majority of Professional Volunteers undertaking their first project with us, you will need to raise £1,700. You can find out more about funding your project here.

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